Agencia de seguros Zurich
Why do we choose Zurich?
Zurich Seguros
Over 130 years in Spain

"Zurich is an established leader for soundness and 
 solvency in the main credit ratings*."

Personalised service
Personalised service

"We advise our customers so that they only pay for
 what they need."

seguros Zurich
Wide range of insurance options

We have an extensive array of solutions to ensure your peace of mind.

Insurance for individuals Zurich
Insurance for you
Car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, pension plans, etc.

We offer you the coverage and services you need to ensure you are always protected.

Car insurance
Car insurance

We offer you the finest protection at a very competitive price
 plus exclusive services for customers at no extra cost.

seguros de hogar Zurich
Home insurance

We offer you the protection you need, tailored to the type
of property you have and what it is used for.

seguro para comunidades Zurich
Condominium insurance

It ensures peace of mind for all residents with 24-hour assistance, 
coverage of damage caused by leaks in the roof, pest control service, etc.

Life insurance
Life insurance

Whether you are single or living with a partner or family, we have a life insurance policy tailored to your needs, 
worry-free and at an unbeatable price.

Insurance for your business
Insurance for your business
Insurance for freelancers, SMEs, shops, etc.

No matter what type of business you have, we offer you the coverage you are looking for
tailored to your needs.

seguros para autónomos Zurich
Insurance for freelancers

Find out about our range of protection solutions specially
designed for professional services providers.

seguros para pymes Zurich
Insurance for SMEs

We offer you a wide range of insurance with combinable coverages to adapt to the needs of your company.

seguros para negocios Zurich
Business and commercial insurance

Protection for your responsibilities, for your premises and for your merchandise.

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Special deal

Promoción Pack Multi seguros

Among new Zurich customers who take out car, home, business or accident insurance and who, in the following 6 months, take out a second policy of the two products on offer, they will receive a gift of € 50 on an online Mastercard® card .

Descuento por ser cliente Zurich
Customer discount

If you have a policy with Zurich and take out car or home insurance, we will give you
5% off. And if you have more than one policy, we will give you 10% off**.

Gestoria G.M. Navarra S.L.



"* Rating of Zurich Insurance Company Ltd by the main credit
 rating agencies as of 26/01/18: Standard & Poor's: AA-, Moody's: Aa3 and Fitch Ratings: A+."

"** The discount will be given when taking out and renewing the policy purchased.
 Customers with one policy (motor or home) who take out another one (motor or home) will get 5% off. Customers with more than one policy (motor or home) who take out another one (motor or home) will get 10% off. Both policies must have the same policyholder to get the discount. The customer must have taken out all the policies with the same intermediary. The discount will be included in the final price of the policy purchased. If the customer cancels a policy, the discount will be adjusted on renewal."

"Covers subject to the terms and conditions
and schedule of the policy."

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